DECODE Engineering Mathematics - II for SPPU (FE Sem-II - 2012 COURSE )

Differential Equations (DE)

Application of DE

Fourier Series

Integral Calculus

Solid Geometry

Multiple Integrals and their Applications :
1st Edition, by DECODE

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Differential Equations (DE) : Definition, Order and Degree of DE, Formation of DE. Solutions of variable separable DE, Exact DE, Linear DE and reducible to these types. Application of DE : Applications of DE to orthogonal trajectories, Newton's law of cooling, Kirchhoff's law of electrical circuits, Motion under gravity, Rectilinear motion, Simple harmonic motion, One-Dimensional conduction of heat, Chemical problems. Fourier Series : Definition, Dirichlet's conditions, Full range Fourier Series, Half range Fourier Series, Harmonic analysis and application to problems in engineering. Integral Calculus : Reduction formulae, Beta and gamma functions. Integral Calculus : Differentiation under the integral sign, Error functions. Curve Tracing : Tracing of curves, Cartesian, Polar and parametric curves. Rectification of curves. Solid Geometry : Cartesian, Spherical polar and cylindrical co-ordinate systems, Sphere, Cone and cylinder. Multiple Integrals and their Applications : Double and triple integrations, Applications to area, Volume, Mean and root mean square values, Mass, Centre of gravity and moment of inertia.

Additional Information

Edition 1st Edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333209236
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 344

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DECODE Engineering Mathematics - II for SPPU  (FE  Sem-II - 2012 COURSE )