Decode Applied Thermodynamics for SPPU (Sem - II, Branch - Mechanical/Automobile, Course 2012)

Basics of IC Engines
SI Engines
CI Engines
Testing of IC Engines
IC Engine Systems
Positive Displcement Compressors (Reciprocating and Rotary)
April 2016, by DECODE

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Basics of IC Engines Heat engine, IC and EC engines, I.C. engine construction - Components and materials, Engine nomenclature, Valve timing diagram, Intake and exhaust system, Engine classification, Applications. Fuel Air Cycle and Actual Cycle Fuel air cycle, Assumptions, Comparison with air standard cycle, Effect of variables on performance, Actual cycle and various losses. SI Engines Theory of carburetion, Types of carburetors, Electronic fuel injection system, Combustion in spark ignition engines, Stages of combustion, Flame propagation, Rate of pressure rise, Abnormal combustion, Phenomenon of detonation in SI engines, Effect of engine variables on detonation. Combustion chambers, Rating of fuels in SI engines, Additives. CI Engines Fuel supply system, Types of fuel pump, Injector and distribution system, Combustion in compression ignition engines, Stages of combustion, Factors affecting combustion, Phenomenon of knocking in CI engine. Effect of knocking, Methods of knock control, Types of combustion chambers, Rating of fuels in CI engines. Dopes and additives, Comparison of knocking in SI and CI engines. Testing of IC Engines Objective of testing, Various performance parameters for I.C. engine - Indicated power, Brake power, Friction power, SFC, AF ratio etc. Methods to determine various performance parameters, Characteristic curves, Heat balance sheet. Supercharging Supercharging and turbo-charging methods and their limitations. IC Engine Systems Cooling system, Lubrication system, Ignition system, Governing system, Starting system. I.C. Engine Emissions and Control Air pollution due to IC engine and its effect, Emissions from petrol/gas and diesel engines, Sources of emissions, Euro norms, Bharat stage norms, Emission control methods for SI and CI engines. Positive Displcement Compressors (Reciprocating and Rotary) Reciprocating compressor - Single stage compressor - Computation of work done, Isothermal efficiency, Effect of clearance volume, Volumetric efficiency, Free air delivery, Theoretical and actual indicator diagram, Multistaging of compressor, Computation of work done, Volumetric efficiency, Condition for maximum efficiency, Inter-cooling and after cooling, Capacity control of compressors Rotary compressor - Introduction, Vane compressors, Roots blower, Screw compressor.

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Edition April 2016
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333210928
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 244

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Decode Applied Thermodynamics for SPPU (Sem - II, Branch - Mechanical/Automobile, Course 2012)