Decode Broadband Communication Systems For SPPU (Sem-II B.E/E & TC Course 2012)

Light wave System Components
Lightwave Systems
Multichannel Systems
Orbital Mechanics and Launchers
Satellite Communication Link Design
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Light wave System Components Key elements of optical fiber systems, Optical fibers as a communication channel : Optical fiber modes and configurations , Mode theory for circular waveguides, Single-mode fibers, Graded-index fiber structure, Signal degradation in optical fibers.Optical sources : Basic concepts and characteristics of LEDs and LASERs. Photodetectors : Basic concepts, Common photodetectors. Lightwave Systems System architectures, Point-to-Point links : System considerations, Design guidelines : Optical power budget, Rise time budget, Long-Haul systems. Multichannel Systems Overview of WDM, WDM components : 2 x 2 fiber coupler, Optical isolators and circulators, Multiplexers and de-multiplexers, Fiber bragg grating, FBG applications for multiplexing and De-multiplexing function, Diffraction gratings, Overview of optical amplifiers : SOA, EDFA and RFA in brief. Orbital Mechanics and Launchers History of satellite communication, Orbital mechanics, Look angle determination, Orbital perturbations, Orbital determination, Launchers and launch vehicles, Orbital effects in communication system performance. Satellites Satellite subsystems, Attitude and control systems (AOCS), Telemetry, Tracking, Command and monitoring, Power systems, Communication subsystems, Satellite antennas, Equipment Reliability and space qualification. Satellite Communication Link Design Introduction, Basic transmission theory, System noise temperature and G/T ratio, Design of downlinks, Satellite systems using Small earth stations, Uplink design, Design of specified C/N : Combining C/N and C/I values in satellite links, System design examples.

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Edition 2016
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333211130
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 164

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Decode Broadband Communication Systems For SPPU (Sem-II B.E/E & TC Course 2012)