Decode Dynamics of Machines for APJAKTU (Semester - VI Mech / Prod / Indus. & Prod./ Mech. & Indus., Course 2013)

Force analysis
Mechanical Vibrations
Brakes and Dynamometers
Second , by Decode

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Force analysis Static force analysis of mechanisms, D' Alembert's principle, Dynamics of rigid link in plane motion, Dynamic force analysis of planar mechanisms, Piston force and crank effort. Turning moment of crankshaft due to force on piston. Turning moment diagram for single cylinder double acting steam engine,Four stroke IC engine and multi-cylinder engines, Fluctuation of speed. Flywheel. Gyroscope Space motion of rigid bodies, Angular momentum, Gyroscopic couples, Gyroscopic stabilization, Ship stabilization, Stability of four wheel and two wheel vehicles moving on curved paths. (Chapter - 3) Mechanical Vibrations : Types of vibration, Degrees of freedom, Longitudinal vibration, Single degree free and damped vibration. Forced vibration of single degree under harmonic excitation. Vibration isolation. Whirling of shaft and critical speed. Balancing Introduction, Static balance, Dynamic balance, Balancing of rotating masses, Two plane balancing graphical and analytical methods, Balancing of reciprocating masses, Balancing of single cylinder engine, Balancing of multi cylinder inline engines. Governors Introduction, Types of governors, Characteristics of centrifugal governors, Gravity controlled and spring controlled centrifugal governors, Hunting of centrifugal governors, Inertia governors, Effort and power of governor, Controlling force diagrams for porter governor and spring controlled governors. Brakes and Dynamometers Introduction, Law of friction and types of lubrication,Types of brakes, Effect of braking on rear and front wheels of a four wheeler, Dynamometers, Belt transmission dynamometer, Torsion dynamometer, Hydraulic dynamometer.

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Edition Second
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333210904
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 220

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Decode Dynamics of Machines for APJAKTU (Semester - VI Mech / Prod / Indus. & Prod./ Mech. & Indus., Course 2013)