Decode Mobile Communication For SPPU (Sem- II B.E/E&TC Course 2012)

Telecommunication Switching & Traffic
Switching Networks and Signaling
Cellular Concepts
First and Second Generation Mobile Systems
GSM Services
CDMA Based Mobile Systems
Second , by Decode

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Telecommunication Switching & Traffic Telecommunication switching : Message switching, Circuit switching, Manual system, Electronic switching. Digital switching : Switching functions, Telecommunication traffic : Unit of traffic, Traffic measurement, A mathematical model, Lost- call systems : Theory, Traffic performance, Loss systems in tandem, Traffic tables. Queuing systems : Erlang distribution, Probability of delay, Finite queue capacity, Systems with a single server, Queues in tandem, Delay tables and application of delay formulae. Switching Networks and Signaling Single stage networks, Gradings, Link systems, Grades of service of link systems. Time division switching : Space and time switching, Time division switching networks, Synchronization, Call processing functions, Common control, Reliability, Availability and security. Signaling : Customer line signaling. FDM carrier systems, PCM signaling, Inter-register signaling, Common channel signaling principles, CCITT signaling No. 6, CCITT signaling No. 7, Digital customer line signaling. Cellular Concepts Evolution of wireless systems, Introduction to cellular telephone system, Frequency reuse, Channel assignment, Handoff strategies, Cell splitting, Propagation mechanism : Free space loss, Reflection, Diffraction, Scattering. Fading and multipath : Small scale multipath propagation, Impulse response model of multipath channel. Multiple access techniques-TDMA, FDMA, CDMA. First and Second Generation Mobile Systems First generation cellular systems, AMPS, GSM cellular telephony : Introduction, Basic GSM architecture, Basic radio transmission parameters in GSM system, Logical channels, GSM time hierarchy, GSM burst structure, Description of call setup procedure, Handover, Modifications and derivatives of GSM. GSM Services GSM physical layer : Speech coding and decoding, GMSK modulation, Data CDMA Based Mobile Systems Motivation for CDMA use, Spreading sequences, Basic transmitter and receiver schemes, Rake receiver, IS-95 system : Frequency range, Downlink transmission, Uplink transmission, Power control, Introduction to 3G mobile systems : W-CDMA and cdma-2000.

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Edition Second
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333211154
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 96

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Decode Mobile Communication For SPPU (Sem- II B.E/E&TC Course 2012)