Decode Turbo Machines for SPPU (Sem.II T.E. Mechanical Course 2012)

Introduction to Turbo Machinery
Reaction Water Turbines
Steam Turbines
Centrifugal Pumps
Centrifugal Compressor
Axial Compressor
2016, by Decode

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Introduction to Turbo Machinery Impulse momentum principle and its applications, Force excreted on fixed plate, moving flat plate and curved vanes, series of plates, velocity triangles and their analysis, work done equations , efficiency. Impulse Water Turbines Pelton wheel-construction, principle of working, velocity diagrams and analysis, design aspects, governing and performance characteristics, specific speed, selection of turbines, multi-jet. Classifications, Francis, Propeller, Kaplan Turbines, construction features, velocity diagrams and analysis, DOR, draft tubes - types and analysis, cavitations causes and remedies, specific speed, performance characteristics and governing of reaction turbines, selection of turbines. Steam nozzles : types and applications, Equation for velocity and mass flow rate [No numerical treatment]. Steam Turbines : Classifications (Axial and Radial), construction details, compounding of steam turbines, velocity diagrams and analysis of Impulse and reaction turbines (single & multi stage), governing, performance characteristics. Classification of rotodynamic pumps, components of centrifugal pump, types of heads, velocity triangles and their analysis, effect of outlet blade angle, cavitation, NPSH, Thoma's cavitation factor, priming of pumps, installation, specific speed, performance characteristics of centrifugal pump, series and parallel operation of pumps, system resistance curve, selection of pumps. Classification of rotodynamic compressors, blowers, fans. Centrifugal compressor: Construction, flow process on T-S Diagram, velocity diagram and Euler's work, slip factor and its effect on work input, actual work input, dimension parameters, pre-whirl losses, surging, choking, stalling characteristics. Construction, stage velocity triangles and its analysis, enthalpy entropy diagram, dimensionless parameters, flow through the blade rows, pressure rise across the stage, stage losses and efficiencies, performance characteristics.

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Edition 2016
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333210683
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 232

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Decode Turbo Machines for SPPU (Sem.II T.E. Mechanical Course 2012)