Advanced Power Electronics

Introduction to various power electronics supplies.
DC to DC Converters
DC to Controlled AC
AC Choppers
Soft switching DC to DC converters
1st edition, by Dr. J.S.Chitode

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Introduction to various power electronics supplies. Performance parameters for power electronics supplies and their measurement. Device selection, Control circuits. Switch mode power supplies, Square wave switching. Resonant mode operation of power supplies, Ferroresonant, Linears and the switchers. DC to DC Converters : Analysis and design of buck, Boost, Buck boost and cuk converters, Two quadrant and full bridge converters. Isolated converters i.e., Flyback, Forward and bridge topology. Design of d.c. inductor. Concept of integrated magnetics, Converter control, Averaged model, State space model. DC to Controlled AC : Controlled inversion, Three phase full bridge inverters. 180º mode and 120º mode operation, Harmonic analysis, PWM control of VSI, Current mode control of PWM VSI, Space vector modulation, Three phase current sourced PWM CSI. AC Choppers : Modeling and analysis of AC choppers, Harmonics control using symmetrical and asymmetrical waveform pattern. Soft switching DC to DC converters, Zero current switching topologies, Zero voltage switching topologies, Generalized switching cell, ZCT and ZVT DC converters.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789350996829
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 156

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Advanced Power Electronics