Computer Networks

Computer Networks
The Physical Layer
The Data Link Layer
Wireless Protocols
The Network Layer
The Transport Layer
The Application Layer
1st edition, by Bagad, Dhotre

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Computer Networks : Introduction, Applications, Types of networks, Network software, Reference models-OSI model, TCP/IP model, Comparison of OSI and TCP/IP models, Example networks. The Physical Layer : Design issues, Review of data communication concepts (Configuration, Topology, Transmission mode, Media-guided and unguided, Types of switching etc). The Data Link Layer : Design issues, Error detection and correction, Data link protocols-Stop and wait and sliding window ARQ, Utilization of ARQ techniques, Example of data link protocol-HDLC. The Medium Access Control Layer : Static and dynamic channel allocation, Multiple access protocols-Pure and slotted ALOHA, CSMA, Collision free protocols, Limited contention protocols, CSMA/CD (ETHERNET), Fast ethernet, Gigabit ethernet. Wireless Protocols : The 802.11, The 802.16, Bluetooth, RFIC, Data link layer switching-Uses of repeaters, Hubs, Bridges, Switches, Routers and gateways. The Network Layer : Design issues, Virtual circuit and datagram networks, Routing algorithms-Adaptive and non-adaptive algorithms, Congestion control algorithms, Quality of service, Internetworking, Network layer in the internet-IPv4 protocol, IP addresses, IPv6 protocol, Internet control protocols, Mobile IP. The Transport Layer : Design issues and services, Transport protocols, Congestion control, UDP and TCP protocols, Performance issues. The Application Layer : The domain name system, E-mail, World wide web, Streaming audio and video, Content delivery.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789350996539
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 476

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Computer Networks