JAVA Technology

The Java Environment
Java Event Handling Model
Introduction to Swing
Multithreading and Exception Handling
Java Networking
1st edition, by Puntambekar

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The Java Environment : Java Development Kit (JDK) ,Java virtual machine, Java programming environment (compiler, interpreter, appletviewer, debugger), Java Applications Programming Interface (API), Basic idea of application and applet. Java as an object oriented language : Objects, Classes, Encapsulation, Inheritance and software reuse, Polymorphism, Abstract classes and abstract methods : Defining an interface, Implementing and applying interfaces, Variables in interfaces, Extending interfaces, Packages, scope and lifetime; Access specifies; Constructors; Copy constructor; this pointer; finalize () method; Arrays; Memory allocation and garbage collection. AWT : Containers and components, AWT classes, Window fundamentals : Component, Container, Panel, Window, Frame, Canvas, AWT controls, Layout managers and menus : Adding and removing control, Labels, Button, Check Box, Radio button, Choice, Menu, Text area, Scroll list, Scroll bar; Frame; Layout managers- Flow layout, Grid layout, Border layout, Card layout. Java Event Handling Model : Java’s event delegation model - Ignoring the event, Self contained events, Delegating events; The event class hierarchy; The relationship between interface, Methods called, Parameters and event source; Adapter classes; Event classes action event, Adjustment event, Container event, Focus event, Item event, Eye event, Mouse event, Text event, Window event. Applets : Applet security restrictions; The class hierarchy for applets; Life cycle of applet; HTML tags for applet . Introduction to Swing : Swing library, Building applications using swings. Multithreading and Exception Handling : Overview of simple threads, Basic idea of multithreaded programming,Thread synchronization : Locks, Synchronized methods, Synchronized block, Thread scheduling, Producer- consumer relationship, Daemon thread, Basic idea of exception handling, Stack based execution and exception propagation, Exception types, Exception handling: Try, Catch, Finally, Throw statement, Assertions. Input/Output : Exploring Java I/O, Directories, Stream classes. The byte stream : Input stream, Output stream, File input stream, File output stream, Print stream, Random access file, The character streams, Buffered reader, Buffered writer, Print writer, Serialization. JDBC: JDBC-ODBC bridge; The connectivity model; The driver manager; Navigating the result set object contents; java.sql Package; The JDBC exception classes; Connecting to remote database. Java Networking : Exploring package, Networking basics : Socket, Client server, Reserved sockets, Proxy servers, Internet addressing, TCP sockets, UDP sockets. RMI: Client/Server architecture, RMI registry services; Steps of creating RMI application and an example.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9788189411985
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 500

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JAVA Technology