TV and Radar Engineering

Basic Television System
Colour Television
Digital Television Technology
Radar Receivers
1st edition, by Dr. J.S.Chitode, V.S.Bagad

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Basic Television System Introduction : Scanning principles : Sound and picture transmission, Scanning process, Camera pick-up devices, Video signal, Transmission and reception of video signals, Brightness perception and photometric quantities, Aspect ratio and rectangular scanning, Persistence of vision and flicker, Vertical resolution, The Kell factor, Horizontal resolution and video bandwidth, Interlaced scanning. Composite video signal : Lines and scanning, Video signal components, Horizontal sync and blanking standards, Vertical sync and blanking standards, Video modulation and vestigial side band signal, Sound modulation and inter-carrier system. Television standards : Standard channel characteristics, Reception of the vestigial side band signals, Television broadcast channel, Consolidated CCIR system-B standard, Various television broadcast systems. Television pick-up devices and cameras : Camera lenses, Auto-focus systems, Television camera pick-ups, Silicon, Vidicon, CCD image sensors, Video processing of camera pick-up signal. Colour Television Colour fundamentals : Mixing of colours and colour perception, Chromaticity diagram, Colour television camera, Colour TV signals and transmission, NTSC, SECAM and PAL system, Trinitron picture tube, Automatic degaussing, Plasma, LCD displays. Television transmission and reception : Requirement of TV broadcast transmission, Design principle of TV transmitters, IF modulation, Power output stages, Block diagram of TV transmitter, Co-channel interference and ghost images during propagation of television signals, Antenna requirements for television system, Block schematic and function, Requirements for television receivers, Trends in circuit design, Colour television receiver. Digital Television Technology Merits of digital technology, Fully digital television system, Digital television signals, Digitized video parameters, Digital video hardware, Transmission of digital TV signals, Bit rate reduction, Digital TV receivers, Video processor unit, Audio processor unit. Other television systems : Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV), Cable Television system (CATV), Multiplexed Analog Component encoding Television system (MAC TV), High Definition Television system (HDTV), High Definition Multiplexed Analog Component Television (HD-MAC TV), High Performance Computer Controlled TV (HPCC TV), 3-D stereoscopic television techniques. Radar The radar range equation, Block diagram and operation, Performance factors : Prediction of range performance, Minimum detectable signal, Receiver noise, Probability density functions, Signal to noise ratios. Radar cross section of targets, Transmitter power, Pulse repetition frequency and range ambiguities, Antenna parameters. The CW radar : The doppler effect, FM-CW radar. The Moving Target Indicator (MTI) radar : Delay line cancellers. Radar Receivers The radar receiver, Noise figure, Mixers, Low noise front ends, Displays-Type A and PPI representations, Duplexer and receiver protectors. Other radar systems : Synthetic aperture radar, HF over the horizon radar, Air Surveillance Radar (ASR), Bistatic radar.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789350996614
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 240

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TV and Radar Engineering