Web Engineering

Web Engineering
Browser and Search Engines
Web Servers
Information Architecture
Website Design
Web Security
Requirements Engineering for Web Applications
Technologies for Web Applications I
Introduction to CGI, PERL, JAVA SCRIPT, JSP, PHP, ASP and AJAX.
1st edition, by Puntambekar

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Web Engineering : Introduction, History, Evolution and need, Time line, Motivation, Categories and characteristics of web applications, Web engineering models, Software engineering v/s web engineering. World Wide Web : Introduction to TCP/IP and WAP, DNS, Email, Telnet, HTTP and FTP. Browser and Search Engines : Introduction, Search fundamentals, Search strategies, Directories search engines and Meta search engines, Working of the search engines. Web Servers : Introduction, Features, Caching, Case study-IIS, Apache. Information Architecture : Role, Collaboration and communication, Organizing information, Organizational challenges, Organizing web sites parameters and Intranets. Website Design : Development, Development phases, Design issues, Conceptual design, High-level design, Indexing the right stuff, Grouping content, Architectural page mockups, Design sketches, Navigation systems. Searching systems, Good and bad web design, Process of web publishing. Web-site enhancement, Submission of website to search engines. Web Security : Issues, Security audit. Web effort estimation, Productivity measurement, Quality usability and reliability. Requirements Engineering for Web Applications : Introduction, Fundamentals, Requirement source, Type, Notations tools. Principles requirements engineering activities, Adapting RE methods to web application. Technologies for Web Applications I : HTML and DHTML : Introduction, Structure of documents, Elements, Linking, Anchor attributes, Image maps, Meta information, Image preliminaries, Layouts, Backgrounds, Colors and text, Fonts, Tables, Frames and layers, Audio and video support with HTML database integration, CSS, Positioning with style sheets, Forms control, Form elements. Introduction to CGI, PERL, JAVA SCRIPT, JSP, PHP, ASP and AJAX. Cookies : Creating and reading.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789350996638
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 568

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Web Engineering