Computer Peripherals and Interfaces

System Resources
IDE & SCSI Interfaces
Video Hardware
I/O Interfaces
Input/Output Driver Software Aspects
Future Trends
1st edition, by Amit Kamra

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System Resources Interrupt, DMA channel, I/O port addresses and resolving the conflict of resources. I/O buses - ISA, EISA, Local bus, VESA local bus, PCI bus, PCI express, Accelerated graphics port bus. IDE & SCSI Interfaces IDE origin, IDE interface ATA standard ATA1 to ATA7. ATA feature, ATA RAID and SCSI RAID, SCSI cable and pin connection pin outs SCSI V/s IDE advantages and limitation. Video Hardware Video display technologies, DVI digital signals for CRT monitor, LCD panels, Video adapter types, Integrated Video / Motherboard chipset, Video RAM, Video driver and multiple monitor, Graphic accelerators. Advanced 3D Technologies, TV tuner and video capture upgrades trobleshooting video cards and drivers. I/O Interfaces I/O Interfaces from USB and IEEE1394, I/O interface from serial and parallel to IEEE1394 and USB 961, Parallel to SCSI converter. Testing of serial and parallel port, USB mouse/keyboard interfaces. Input/Output Driver Software Aspects Role of device driver DOS and UNIX/LINUX device drivers. Design and integration of peripheral devices to a computer system as a case study. Future Trends Detailed analysis of recent progress in the peripheral and bus systems. Some aspects of cost performance analysis while designing the system.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9788184314748
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 216

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Computer Peripherals and Interfaces