Optical Fiber Communications

Optical Fibers
Optical Transmitters
Optical Receivers
Lightwave Systems
Multichannel Systems
1st edition, by Bagad

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Introduction Need of Fiber Optic Communications, Evolution of Light Wave Systems, Basic Concepts; Analog and Digital Signals, Channel Multiplexing, Modulation Formats, Optical Communication Systems, Light Wave System Components; Optical Fibers as a Communication Channel, Optical Transmitters, Optical Receivers. Optical Fibers Geometrical-Optics Description; Step-Index Fibers, Graded Index Fibers, Wave Propagation; Maxwell's Equations, Fiber Modes, Single-Mode-Fibers, Dispersion in Single-Mode Fibers; Group Velocity Dispersion, Material Dispersion, Waveguide Dispersion, Higher-order Dispersion, Polarization-mode Dispersion, Dispersion-Induced Limitations; Basic Propagation Equation, Chirped Gaussian Pulses, Limitations on the Bit Rate, Fiber Bandwidth, Fiber Losses; Attenuation Coefficient, Material Absorption, Rayleigh Scattering, Waveguide Imperfections, Nonlinear Optical Effects; Stimulated Light Scattering, Nonlinear Phase Modulation, Four Wave Mixing, Fiber Manufacturing; Design Issues, Fabrication Methods, Cables and Connectors. Optical Transmitters Basic Concepts; Emission and Absorption Rates, p-n Junctions, Non-Radiative Recombination, Semiconductor Materials, Light Emitting Diodes; Power-current Characteristics, LED Spectrum, Modulation Response, LED Structures, Semiconductor Lasers; DFB Lasers, Coupled Cavity Semiconductor Lasers, Tunable Semiconductor Lasers, Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Lasers, Laser Characteristics, Small and Large Signal Modulation, Spectral Line Width, Source Fiber Coupling. Optical Receivers Basic Concepts, p-n Photodiodes, p-i-n Photodiodes, Avalanche Photodiode, MSM Photodetector, Receiver Design, Receiver Noise; Noise Mechanism, Receiver Sensitivity; Bit Error Rate, Minimum Receiver Power, Sensitivity Degradation, Receiver Performance. Lightwave Systems System Architecture, Loss Limited Light Wave Systems, Dispersion Limited Light Wave Systems, Power Budget, Long Haul Systems, Sources of Power Penalty; Model Noise, Dispersive Pulse Broadening, Mode Partition Noise, Frequency Chirping, Reflection Feedback Noise. Multichannel Systems WDM Light Wave Systems, Optical TDM Systems, Sub-carrier Multiplexing, Code Division Multiplexing.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9788184311716
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 230

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Optical Fiber Communications