Computer Architecture for AKTU ( V-CSE-2013 course )

Control Unit
Input / Output
1st Edition, by A.P.Godse, Dr. D.A.Godse

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Introduction : Digital computer generation, Computer types and classifications, Functional units and their interconnections, Buses, Bus architecture, Types of buses and bus arbitration. Register, Bus and memory transfer. Central Processing Unit : Addition and subtraction of signed numbers, Look ahead carry adders. Multiplication : Signed operand multiplication, Booths algorithm and array multiplier. Division and logic operations. Floating point arithmetic operation, Processor organization, General register organization, Stack organization and addressing modes. Control Unit : Instruction types, Formats, Instruction cycles and subcycles (Fetch and execute etc), Micro-operations, Execution of a complete instruction. Hardwire and microprogrammed control : Microprogramme sequencing, Wide branch addressing, Microinstruction with next address field, Pre-fetching microinstructions, Concept of horizontal and vertical microprogramming. Memory : Basic concept and hierarchy, Semiconductor RAM memories, 2D and memory organization. ROM memories. Cache memories : Concept and design issues, Performance, Address mapping and replacement, Auxiliary memories : Magnetic disk, magnetic tape and optical disks virtual memory : Concept implementation. Input / Output : Peripheral devices, I/O interface, I/O ports, Interrupts : Interrupt hardware, Types of interrupts and exceptions. Modes of data transfer : Programmed I/O, Interrupt initiated I/O and direct memory access, I/O channels and processors. Serial communication : Synchronous and asynchronous communication, Standard communication interfaces.

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Edition 1st Edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789333205047
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 412

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Computer Architecture for AKTU ( V-CSE-2013 course )