Introduction to Microprocessor for UPTU ( IV-CSE-2013 course )

Introduction to microprocessor
Basic interfacing concepts
Additional data transfer and 16 bit arithmetic instruction
8255 programmable peripheral interface
1st edition, by A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse

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Introduction to Data Communications and Networking : Standards organizations for data communications, Layered network architecture, Open systems interconnection, Data communications circuits, Serial and parallel data transmission, Data communications circuit arrangements, Data communications networks, Alternate protocol suites. Signals, Noise, Modulation and Demodulation : Signal analysis, Electrical noise and signal-to-noise ratio, Analog modulation systems, Information capacity, Bits, Bit rate, Baud and M-ary encoding, Digital modulation. Multiplexers : Advantage of multiplexers, Frequency division multiplexing, Time division multiplexing, Statistical time division multiplexing, Concentrators, Switching techniques. Transmission Media : Introduction, Communication channel - Channel bands, Channel services, Channel standards interfaces, Open wirelines, Twisted pair wires/cables, Coaxical cables, Optical fiber communication advantages and disadvantages of optical fiber communication, Wireless communication-Satellite and cellular radio communication, Typical broadband LANs. Telephone Instruments and Signals : The subscriber loop, Standard telephone set, Basic telephone set, Basic telephone call procedures, Call progress tones and signals, Cordless telephones, Caller ID, Electronic telephones, Paging systems. The Telephone Circuit : The local subscriber loop, Telephone message-channel noise and noise weighting, Units of powers measurement, Transmission parameters and private-line circuits, Voice-frequency circuit arrangement, Crosstalk. Cellular Telephone Systems : First-Generation analog cellular telephone, Personal communications system, Second-Generation cellular telephone systems, N-AMPS, Digital cellular telephone, Interim standard, North American Cellular and PCS summary, Global system for mobile communications, Personal communications satellite system. Data Communications Codes, Error, Control and Data Formats : Data communications character codes, Bar codes, Error control, Error detection, Error correction, Character synchronization. Data Communications Equipment : Digital service unit and channel service unit, Voice-band data communication modems, Bell systems-compatible voice-band modems, Voice-band modem block diagram, Voice-band modem classifications, Asynchronous voice-band modems, Synchronous voice-band modems, Modem synchronization, ITU-T voice-band modem specifications, 56 K modems, Modern control : The AT command set, Cable modems, Probability of error and bit error rate.

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Edition 1st edition
Publisher Technical Publications
ISBN 9789350998359
No. of Pages (Printed Book) 420

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Introduction to Microprocessor for UPTU ( IV-CSE-2013 course )